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Gratitude: Yardwork

Gratitude: Yardwork

What I’m Grateful For: Yardwork

There’s nothing more fun than getting out in the yard, especially in spring, and launching into the process of getting everything raked, clipped, pruned, mowed and tilled. It’s not work at all – it feels like the best kind of play, enjoying the fresh air, the dog bouncing around like Tigger, birds at all the feeders – it’s funny that the word for it calls it “work!” I think that we should coin a new term – one that communicates that unique blend of play and ‘getting stuff done’ with the end result of a beautiful and well-loved landscape to enjoy. Any ideas?

What I’m Reading: 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson!
Rule #6 – Set Your House in Perfect Order Before You Criticize the World.

The core takeaway of this chapter is simple, yet profound. Observe your life, your actions each day, your habits. Are you truly living up to your word? Are you shouldering your responsibilities? Start small and look for anything you could improve upon, some small action you could take. Maybe it’s cleaning out your car, and then keeping it clean. Maybe it’s remember to ask after the barista’s family each day when you get your coffee.

Don’t waste time blaming the left, or the right – the administration, or the populace. Just put your own house in order, a little more each day, each week. Stop doing the wrong things. Start doing the right ones. Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world.

What I’m Pondering: Did you know that roughly 80% of high performers share one specific thing in common?

They meditate! From Oprah, to Ray Dahlio, to Arnold Schwarzenegger – top performers seem to all include some form of mindfulness or meditation in their daily practice. Anyone out there meditate? I’d love to hear your stories. And if you’ve tried, and failed, in the past, I have some resources you might really enjoy!

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