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Gratitude: Books

Gratitude: Books

What I’m Grateful For: Books

Books. They are straight-up, always,100% something I’m perpetually grateful for. I have loved books as long as I can remember, having been a rather awkward, clumsy child with large glasses and an argumentative attitude. Books were my constant companions and they never failed me. Adventures, fantasy, learning, exploration, magic, history, science fiction – I read it all. Today, I still love reading. Books are quiet, constant companions. I always have a back up book anywhere I go, just in case something comes up and I have a few minutes here or there where I am waiting, I will treat myself to a chapter or two. If I’m tired and want quiet, books are a signal that I’m not available to the world, but without the harsh blue light and hunched shoulders of someone lost in their phone. I love libraries, one of my favorite places in the world – bookstores too! A book can be a tool to learn, a chance to relax, an escape, a journey. I am so grateful for books!

What I’m Reading12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson! 
Rule #5 – Do Not Let your Children Do Anything that Makes You Dislike Them.

Ok, I have to admit, I was taken aback when I read this one. My first reaction was, how EVER could my darling angels do anything would make me dislike them? But then honestly kicked in – well, yes, actually that has possibly happened from time to time. And if you keep reading the chapter, you’ll see exactly why this is so important. Teaching our children how to BE in the world in a way that doesn’t make people dislike them, is incredibly valuable and powerful for them in an enormous variety of ways. Indeed, I realized in reading this chapter that both of my kids are very well-liked by adults everywhere, and they have gotten so many opportunities that they would never have received if they had been more sullen, rude, or unkind. This is a great chapter to read regardless if you are interested in the rest of the book. Loads of common sense!

What I’m Pondering:
Teach your child to hold his tongue, he’ll learn fast enough to speak. – Benjamin Franklin

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