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About Me

A Little History

43 years young. Two brilliant, amazing daughters. No direct path led this way.


They say that life is lived forwards, but understood backwards.

I completely agree. My life has been unexpected, winding, strange and full of obstacles. I got pregnant in college, I lived on food stamps as a single mom in low-income apartments. I became an Americorps volunteer. I moved to Hawaii to become a massage therapist. I never knew what my dreams or goals were – I just knew I couldn’t quit, couldn’t give up, not EVER. And along the way, I learned and failed and learned some more. Now I am, by all measures of the word, completely successful and I live the most amazing life. But I want you to know, it never felt like I knew what I was doing along the way. In hindsight, I see the path I took. But in living it, it was a constant struggle and a mystery to me.

My Family

This is my family. Joyful, quirky, at times annoying, always full of love.


I started doing a weekly email/blog kind of thing, and it really turned into a habit of intentional gratitude and sharing which has brought so much joy to my days. Here’s a few to sample…
  • This week, I've been thinking a lot about what it takes to keep going when it feels like you've been going and going and going and the goal is STILL not happening. STILL just out of reach. So first, all the

  • In-Between Week:  Christmas just passed, the new year just around the corner. I have been spending these long nights and short days ruminating about life, meaning, the effort we put into work and play. I’ve been playing with ideas and thoughts

  • In my early 20’s, I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii. Like many people my age, living in paradise seemed like a fabulous idea that was a little less perfect when one is poor, naive and young. Especially the