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Jenn Tate

An entrepreneur, a mother, an artist and a storyteller, I live in the North Cascade mountains of Washington state. Explore my blog, upcoming workshops, webinars and speaking events. Drop me a line with anything you’d like to discuss. I’d love to hear from you!

Random and unorganized reasons why I do what I do.

Odds and ends, mostly quotes, a few images. Guaranteed to make you think.

Links and resources for self-development and ways to help you grow, if that's what you want.


This year I have spent each week writing down what I am grateful for, and other thoughts and stories. These might make you laugh, or even better, provide some inspiration for life.

My Artwork

All artwork below was created by me, Jenn Tate. Prints are available for purchase, and if you are interested in purchasing an original painting, please feel free to contact me.