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Below are some workshops I have done that have now passed. Stay tuned for more exciting workshops to come!


UPS • Budweiser • Apple • FedEx • John Deer • Boeing • Victoria’s Secret • Harley Davidson

Those brands RESONATE.
They know who they are what their brand stands for, communicates and delivers.

What is YOUR brand? Where do you even start?

As a real estate professional, you might never have thought very hard about your brand and if you need one. I assure you, you most certainly do! Without your personal brand, you are lost in the sea of similar professionals, all dressing and communicating the same and all…. frankly… interchangeable.

The answer?

Join Jenn Tate, marketing and branding expert, on Thursday, July 26th at 12pm, and discover your own personal, authentic brand archetype!

In this very fast-paced, dynamic workshop you’ll get a set of brand cards, a live presentation of the theory and application of brand building, identification and strategy, a discovery hands-on workshop where you’ll find your own brand, and then tools to help you create new ways to deliver your brand and help your clients communicate it for you.

If you love this workshop, we will follow it up with a more in-depth session on brand expectations, brand fulfillment and marketing.