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June 2018

What I’m Grateful For: Sisters This morning I had a call from my sister (my only sibling). We had a rambling conversation that managed to cover everything from global warming, the future of our planet, social leveling tools in modern society, and odd fragments from our childhood that only the two of us would recognize. We have not always gotten along. In fact, there are many periods in our history that we were actively not

What I’m Grateful For: Food (Part 1 of 3) Part 1: Fasting As I write this, I’m simmering a batch of bone broth (made from bones from my sister’s grass fed lambs and my dad’s turnip-fed pigs). I’m taking a day off of eating (fasting) but am sipping bone broth throughout the day. I have been thinking a lot of about food the last year – what we eat, why we eat it,

What I’m Grateful For: Editing The process of editing your work (or someone else’s) is a critical and necessary part of creating a finished product. It’s also a task I dread and procrastinate on before I start, but one I absolutely love and have a hard time making myself take a break from once I begin. Why is this so? I don’t have a definitive answer, but a few possibilities come to mind. First,

What I’m Grateful For: Yardwork There’s nothing more fun than getting out in the yard, especially in spring, and launching into the process of getting everything raked, clipped, pruned, mowed and tilled. It’s not work at all – it feels like the best kind of play, enjoying the fresh air, the dog bouncing around like Tigger, birds at all the feeders – it’s funny that the word for it calls it “work!” I

What I’m Grateful For: Books Books. They are straight-up, always,100% something I’m perpetually grateful for. I have loved books as long as I can remember, having been a rather awkward, clumsy child with large glasses and an argumentative attitude. Books were my constant companions and they never failed me. Adventures, fantasy, learning, exploration, magic, history, science fiction – I read it all. Today, I still love reading. Books are quiet, constant companions. I always