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Gratitude: What Goes Down…

Gratitude: What Goes Down…

What I’m Grateful For: What Goes Down, Goes Back Up

So I’m no longer a “spring chicken” – which is a nice way of saying I’m kinda old. I don’t FEEL old, not one bit. But I am noticing a few things that are markedly different now from my “younger days.”

Yeah, there’s the bits and bobs that are not quite as perky or bouncy or resilient. There’s my darn trick knee, a torn ACL that I really should get operated on but I’m annoyingly reluctant to deal with. I’m not running around like a mountain goat. There are strands of grey in my hair.

However, on the flip side is a funny little perk that honestly pretty much makes up for all the things that are not as… delightful… as they used to be. It’s this deep inner awareness that things will always be in some kind of flux, and that is normal. And it will ebb and flow, events will approach and recede, and what goes up, will come down – and what goes down, will eventually, somehow, go up again.

There’s a certain glee in our monkey minds that cheers the sight of an oncoming crisis. A chance to vent! To legitimately complain and rage against the unfairness of it all! We get to call our peeps, commiserate, whine, complain, ask for sympathy! Here comes the emotional roller coaster and we are on it for the ride… woooooo!

Not so much anymore. Things happen, and somehow it goes from one heartbeat to the next… “Oh no this is the end of the world!!!!” to, “Oh yeah, well this is gonna suck but we’ll get through it somehow, we always do.” The second voice is not thrilled. It’s not overjoyed, not even really positive. It’s not optimistic, it’s just stating a fact. We are still alive, despite at least half a dozen times where we thought there was no way we could survive. That gives a certain…. deadpan humor and resigned acceptance to what will be, most certainly not enjoyable, but nevertheless, endurable set of circumstances.


What I’m Reading: Sales EQ by Jeb Blount. Chapter 5 outlines the four levels of intelligence. This is intriguing and I’d love to hear your feedback.

  • IQ – fundamentally, you are born with a certain IQ and it’s baked into your DNA. This is the one piece of intelligence you can’t do a whole lot about.
  • AQ – Acquired Intelligence – How much you know, how much you learn – do you continually read, listen to books and podcasts, study, get certifications, absorb new information? You have massive power here to affect your AQ. And without AQ, IQ is pretty meaningless.
  • TQ – Technological Intelligence – do you dive into new tech and learn as much as you can? There’s a compelling reason to do so – if you can offload as much as possible into TQ, you have more time to spend on AQ (getting more knowledge) and EQ – spending more time on interpersonal relationships.
  • EQ – Emotional Intelligence – key to becoming an Utra-High Performer. Can you influence how others feel? Are you able to step back from your own view of things and see how things are for people around you, and affect their perceptions of the situation?

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Quick Web Tip: When editing your website, it is best to disable your web browsers extensions this can save you A LOT of trouble as some add in their own HTML which could potentially break items on your website or add unwanted text. We ran into this specifically with the Grammarly extension, (there was lots of hair pulling for our peeps) please disable this one when working on your site. You can disable an extension by right clicking (control + click for mac users) on the extension icon in the browser and selecting disable.

What I’m Pondering: “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small steps brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh

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